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Software brand: Zircon ages and Nd–Hf isotopes in UHT granulites of the Ider Complex: A cratonic terrane within the Central Asian Orogenic Belt in NW Mongolia
Author: A. Kröner
V.P. Kovach
I.K. Kozakov
T. Kirnozova
P. Azimov
J. Wong
H.Y. Geng
Professional thesaurus: Central Asian Orogenic Belt;Granulite
Date of first publication: 2014-03
Publisher: Institute of Geology Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Abstract: The Ider Complex of the Tarbagatai Block in northwestern Mongolia is part of a Precambrian microcontinental terrane in the Central Asian Orogen Belt and has experienced a polymetamorphic tectono-metamorphic evolu- tion. We have investigated an enderbitic gneiss, derived from a quartz diorite and a charnockite, derived from a leucogranite, and zircon SHRIMP data reveal late Archaean protolith ages of 2520–2546 Ma for these rocks. Metamorphic overgrowth on these zircons as well as newly-formed metamorphic zircons document a high- temperaturemetamorphicevent(T= 930–950 °C)atabout1855–1860Ma.Ndwhole-rockisotopicsystematics show these and other gneisses of the Ider Complex straddling the CHUR-line in a Nd isotope evolution diagram, suggesting both crustal reworking and input of some juvenile material, with Nd model ages ranging between ca. 2.5 and 3.1 Ga. Hf-in-zircon isotopic data provide a similar pattern and also yielded Archaean Hf crustal model ages. The metamorphic zircons seem to have inherited their Hf isotopic composition from the igne- ous grains, suggesting a complex process of dissolution, transportation, and re-precipitation involving a fluid phase during high-grade metamorphism. The zircon age patterns do not make it possible to unam- biguously assign the Tarbagatai Block to any of the cratons bordering the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, since age peaks at ca. 2520–2550 and ca. 1860 Ma are common in the Siberian, North China and Tarim cratons.
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